Trading since 1997 as Grant Carroll and established (incorporated as Carroll International Pty Ltd, ABN: 51099 760880) in 2002 by Grant Carroll, who was born in Invercargill, Southland, NZ, and raised by his Croation mother Rose and Kiwi father Ross, (founders and formerly proprietors of “The Ghost Inn” Coolgardie) in Coolgardie and Perth, Western Australia. Grant’s career started as a young boy, (17 years old), in Perth, in the very early 80’s, working for an air freight division of what was then transport giant Mayne Nickless (a publicly listed company), Grant’s duties included sweeping the warehouse floor, working the two way radio, manifesting the north West Australian cargo for nightly uplift, compiling, faxing and telexing (back in the 80’s!) nightly volumes and units, manifesting and classifying dangerous goods by air freight, searching for late and missing freight, loading trucks, loading aircraft holds, lodging nightly air cargo at the airport and running urgent freight “HOT SHOTS” to remote north west Australian mine sites and drilling rigs.At 19 years of age, Grant was transferred to Sydney and was based at the Mayne Nickless North Shore branch, where he worked as a transportation salesman and operations assistant to the North Shore Operations Manager (Grant was the youngest transportation salesman employed by the Mayne Nickless Group). During his time with Mayne Nickless Grant transferred to Brisbane Queensland, working under some very well known and respected Senior Mayne Nickless Transportation executives including: Rob Sadlier, Russell Waddy, Bill Stubbs, and one of his favorite bosses and close friend, Mayne Nickless Queensland Operations Manager Jamie Masters, (sadly, Jamie has passed away) Grant resigned from Mayne Nickless, to join the TNT Group, at 22 years of age.

Grant was 22 years old when he joined TNT, as Queensland Air Freight Manager, at 22 years of age, Grant was the TNT Group’s youngest manager nationally. While with TNT, Grant worked very hard. Grant spent 4-5 years with TNT, holding different positions. After leaving TNT Grant spent 6 years working for himself running various transportation businesses (some successful, some not so).

In later years Grant had the good fortune of working with Peter Macor. Peter is a well known and respected (Sagelike) Australian Transportation Entrepreneur. (Peter founded and was the Managing Director of Skyroad Express). At one time Skyroad Express was one of Australia’s largest transportation companies.

Grant has 35 years transportation experience, as at 2016, originally trading (since 2002) as Carroll International Pty Ltd.

PLEASE NOTE: For sales marketing purposes it was decided in early 2012 to change the trading name to CargoMaster (ABN: 92158887435 and ACN: 158887435) Carroll International Pty Ltd is still (as at 2018) a registered Australian private company.


Little things heard and seen over the years “

The Domestic Prepaid Air Sticker was created by Skyroad, they figured it would be much cheaper to print prepaid stickers and sell them, as opposed to printing plastic satchels, which were much more expensive to have made!

Sid Ward (Wards Express) indirectly helped finance Skyroad

The Bitumen Boeing (as it was known then)

Domestic Air Freight Industry Price collusion and market rigging

In the 80’s A Wards Learjet crashed in Northern Queensland killing the pilot/s

Back in the 80’s Sir Peter Ables said” we are choking in our own sh.#.t” (he was referring to the mountains of freight not moving through the TNT network  quickly enough). Keep in mind things were not automated like today!


At CargoMaster we’re FOCUSED ON DELIVERING great service and EASY to work with Domestic and International Air and Sea Shipping solutions. CargoMaster UNDERSTANDS the dynamic world of international freight and shipping, we work closely with our clients, making sure each and every consignment is delivered at the right time, in the right condition and at the right place, all for the right price! At CargoMaster we are constantly delivering innovative, low cost AIR FREIGHT and SEA FREIGHT solutions. CargoMaster is a small personalized Australian based “GLOBAL SHIPPING OPERATOR (or International Freight Forwarder), FROM AND TO AUSTRALIA” Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin (and regional centers)

“Connecting Australia and the world”

CargoMaster works with a GLOBAL TEAM of CONNECTED AND DEDICATED international shipping professionals, CARGOMASTER is a FULLY INSURED, AUSTRALIAN OWNED, INTERNATIONAL AIR FREIGHT AND SEA FREIGHT SHIPPING COMPANY (or more precisely, International Freight Forwarder), boasting 35 YEARS PROFESSIONAL TRANSPORTATION EXPERIENCE. CargoMaster is renowned for delivering INNOVATIVE and COST EFFECTIVE international shipping solutions, we have been SHIPPING CONTAINERS AROUND THE WORLD FOR OVER 15 YEARS AND OFFER OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE SCHEDULING THE URGENT UPLIFT OF AIR FREIGHT AROUND AUSTRALIA AND THE WORLD, SAVING OUR CLIENTS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in international shipping costs, CargoMaster KNOW-HOW to get your goods to their ultimate destination, quickly and safely. CargoMaster has moved hundreds of  containers from and to Australia, shipping all types of cargo including machinery, excavators, cars, buses, mining equipment, industrial machinery, clothing, second hand goods and personal effects the list is endless!

CargoMaster is an independently owned, Australian based, air and sea freight forwarder.

REMEMBER, when you work with CARGOMASTER you’re backed by an EXPERIENCED and ESTABLISHED international shipping team offering you a COST EFFECTIVE and PROVEN, TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED international shipping network. CargoMaster shipping services with SECURITY, INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

Call CargoMaster today, we move your dollar further!

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As a CargoMaster customer, you will benefit from the advantages of a complete, guaranteed low cost freight forwarding service, through:

  • World-class tracking systems
  • Efficient shipping practices
  • Strategic industry alliances

Our wide range of services include:

  • SameDay Air Freight
  • Overnight Air Freight
  • Sea freight forwarding
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Transhipment cargo services
  • Customs clearance
  • Global freight logistics
  • Container groupage
  • Air freight import consolidation
  • Sea freight import consolidation
  • Door-to-door transport services
  • Excess baggage
  • Project management consulting services

Low Cost International Freight Forwarding

At CargoMaster, we consistently provide our  customers with low cost freight forwarding solutions. We’re able to achieve this through effective air and sea freight import and export processes. We organise your delivery internally, which means we have complete control of  your shipment from it’s origin to it’s destination. This minimises unnecessary handling of your shipment and cuts out  middle margins.